Transportation Task Force

The Transportation Task Force was created in order to monitor and respond to the development of a Multi-Modal Transportation Strategy for Northern Ontario. Members of the Task Force have participated in the Technical Advisory Committee created by the Ministry of Transportation to help review and inform them in the research and development of the strategy.

The Task Force has also reviewed all of the technical papers produced by or on behalf of the Ministry and provided specific feedback on their contents.

An Inter-community Bus Transportation Group was formed to examine the options for providing every highway community with some form of bus service. Their report, adopted by the Transportation Task Force, the CVNW Board and endorsed and submitted by both NOMA and NOACC can be read through this link:

Future of Intercity Bus Service in NWO FINAL Dec 27 2015

The following are documents submitted to MTO regarding the Multimodal Plan

CVNW Letter re Multimodal Transportation Strategy September 2017

CVNW President, Wendy Landry presented the following to the 2017 Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference in Ottawa in August

AMO Presentation on Inter-Community Bus Transportation

The following is the Ministry’s July 2017 draft of the strategy. It is placed here to allow visitors to this web site to access it directly.

draft-northern-ontario-multimodal-transportation-strategy 2017 July

Media release from CVNW regarding the release of the above study

CVNW & TTF media release re Draft MMTS July 2017

The following outlines what CVNW wanted to see in the Multimodal Strategy

CVNW Letter re Multimodal Transportation Strategy July 11 2016



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