Energy Task Force

The Energy Task Force started out as a sub-committee of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association, then when Common Voice Northwest was created, it was moved to that organization.  It has been in existence for approximately 10 years and consists of a broad range of active and passive participants with knowledge of the energy field, economic development and governance.

The Task Force has focused its work on transmission and generation of electricity and the transportation of natural gas.  Below please find a number of documents and reports produced by the Energy Task Force.

On a regular basis the Energy Task Force identifies prospective load increases in the Northwest. The source of much of the data is from the official filings of the large number of mineral developers scattered throughout the region. We also rely on information from various Economic Development Officers who are working with specific proponents on industrial projects in the Northwest. Our latest assessment is found immediately below:


The Ontario Energy Board sought the opinions of interested parties on possible changes to Ontario’s Transmission Code. Among other items, this code determines how new transmission facilities or even upgrading of transmission lines should be paid for.

CVNW’s Energy Task Force, with the support of the Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce submitted the following to the OEB:

The first link is to the letter sent by Weilers on behalf of the NOACC Coalition (NOACC, NOMA and CVNW) and the other two are the remainder of the attachments.

NOACC_Comment_LTR_20171106 – Part 1 (00974380xD549B)

NOACC_Comment_LTR_20171106 – Part 2 00974402xD549B

NOACC_Comment_LTR_20171106 – Part 3 00974399xD549B (1)


NWO Power Requirements September 27 2017

The Ontario Minister of Energy has requested that the Independent Electrical System Operator (IESO) review the need for the East-West Tie bulk transmission line connecting Wawa to Thunder Bay.  The Energy Task Force reviewed the project need and have written to the IESO with their views.

CVNW Letter to IESO regarding East-West Tie Line Requirements Sept 22 2017

From time to time the Energy Task Force provides an overview to a range of organizations in the region on the energy issues affecting the future of the Northwest.  The following presentation is an example of that type of reporting.

ETF Presentation to NAN Jan 8 2016

The Province is currently developing a new Long Term Energy Plan for the Province. The CVNW Energy Task Force prepared and submitted the following to the Government.

Letter to Minister of Energy – Long Term Energy Plan – FINAL CVNW June 13, 2016

Pembina Study: Biomass Sustainability Analysis
An assessment of Ontario-sourced forest-based biomass for electricity generation

Pembina Biomass Sustainability Analysis Final Rev 15 April 2011

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