Energy East Task Force

The Energy East Task Force (EETF) is a committee operating under the umbrella of Common Voice Northwest (CVNW), a group made up of representatives from municipalities, businesses and concerned citizens across Northwestern Ontario. CNVW’s role is to develop sound policy proposals to support sustainable economic development in the Northwest.

Common Voice Northwest applied for the Energy East Task Force to be accepted as an interested party to participate in the Energy East Pipeline Project, National Energy Board hearings as an intervenor.

KBM Resources Group, based out of Thunder Bay, was hired to collect local input from 13 communities across Northwestern Ontario. The purpose of the meetings was to develop a local definition of ‘significant water crossing’ and to share that with the National Energy Board.

Common Voice Northwest and the Energy East Task Force wanted to make sure that community voices were heard and to guarantee that proper safety measures are in place in case of pipeline failure.

The report was filed with the National Energy Board in August of 2017.


The final report can be viewed here:

FINAL Common Voice Northwest Report on Significant Water Crossings June 27 2017

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