Education and Training Task Force

The Education and Training Task Force is comprised of community leaders and organizations from across Northwestern Ontario.

The vision of the task force is to assist in facilitating vibrant communities with growing opportunities and sustainable services for all people at all phases of life in Northwestern Ontario.

The Mission: To foster collaboration between, and support the efforts of, all those wishing to address education and training issues and opportunities concerning Northwestern Ontario.

Education and Training Task Force Objectives

Objective OneInvest in the current and future human capital in and for Northwestern Ontario.

  • support improved awareness for the need and enhancement of the demographic diversity of Northwestern Ontario
  • assist in promoting the growth and participation of Indigenous people in the economy of Northwestern Ontario
  • support requirements for the attraction and retention of new residents to facilitate their participation in the economy

Human capital is an essential pillar that drives our economy.  The focus of this section will be to take an inclusive point of view to facilitate and support emerging education requirements to create a diverse workforce that ensures that families and the economy are successful. One key element is to improve Indigenous human capital through training and education. Diverse and inclusive engagement in education and training initiatives, long term collaboration partnerships, job focused training and relationship building will benefit all communities. Task force work could also address the related supports, processes and communication issues that attract and retain new Canadians along with intra- and inter-provincial immigration to Northwestern Ontario. Support to single parent families, affordable housing, and information about the job market would enable families to keep children in school and help them find meaningful employment. This would ensure that students and trainees of all ages and diverse backgrounds can be successful in finding jobs, while facilitating collaboration with labor and business to meet their specific skills requirements which would create an effective human capital resource pool to drive the economy forward.

Objective Two: Enhance communications and collaborative efforts for Education and Training within Northwestern Ontario.

  •  promote participation in education and training
  • support education, training and learning inside and outside of traditional venues and models
  • advocate for improvements to issues that impact access to education and training
  • promote collaboration to improve education and training accessibility and success

This focus topic will take a diverse and inclusive look at improving communication and its associated regional marketing strategies from the strategic level down to the civic level to encourage and guide workforce participation and to improve access to relevant and market-specific education and training for all people.   Work here would tackle issues relating to improving our regional education and training messaging so that all residents, influencers and organizations can understand and effectively manage education and training programs and issues.  This could be accomplished by looking at methods to bring informative and accessible support to families, employers, and potential employees that could enable them to succeed in life.  This would include sharing knowledge about existing and future employment and training opportunities within the region.  Communications could highlight our communication successes, while continuing to establish ways to improve the available networking and potential partnership opportunities that might increase visibility for the communication issues related to education in our region.  Supports could be established to enable our key influencers to improve their ability to champion interests that impact education or training issues in our region.  Although the Federal and Provincial Governments are key influencers in this aspect, mechanisms could be refined to enable education stakeholders at the First Nation, civic and public levels to work together more effectively to overcome barriers in moving education issues forward.

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