About CVNW

Common Voice Northwest’s (CVNW’s) mission is to coordinate and support the efforts of organizational and community leaders in addressing the common issues impacting Northwestern Ontario.

Our vision is to have vibrant communities with growing opportunities and sustainable services for all people at all phases of life in Northwestern Ontario.

The mandate of Common Voice Northwest  is:

A) to provide a forum for the consideration of matters of common interest to the citizens of Northwestern Ontario

B) to bring interested parties together to promote and advance the interests of the citizens of Northwestern Ontario

C) to coordinate and communicate a common message regarding matters where the rights and resources of people in Northwestern Ontario are affected

D) to provide leadership on the common issues affecting all people in Northwestern Ontario

CVNW is governed by a Board of Directors who are representatives of a number of key leadership organizations across the Northwest.



CVNW operates through several task forces which in turn are Chaired by a member of that Task Force. Each of the 7 Task Forces are in different stages of their work.



Submission to IESO on Zonal Pricing FINAL IESO_ZonalPricing_NW_2018-11-18_Rev1

A Transportation Task Force Victory

  From Net News Ledger: Common Voice Welcomes Transportation Strategy The Transportation Task Force’s recommendation that a system of buses travelling between Northwestern Ontario communities be established has been supported by the Government of Ontario in their ‘Draft Multi-Modal Transportation Strategy for Northern Ontario’.  The strategy calls for “A core network of intercommunity passenger services that …